Your Birth. Your Story. 

This is a special time in your life. As your Doula, it's my honor and blessing to help craft your birth in both celebratory and meaningful ways. There is a deep wisdom that resides in your body. I help you get in touch with that. Together, we craft the birth you want and make peace with the birth you have. Through this support, you'll remember how capable, amazing, and empowered you are.

Prenatal & Postpartum Support

Birth is transformative. Women need support before and after labor. My approach as your doula is to provide what you want and  what you need:
Education; the opportunity to make informed choices about your body and birthing experience. 
Reassurance; helping you get in touch with your inner strength and body.
Support and empathy; Iā€™m in your corner and on your side. I get to know you and help you get to know your changing body, your baby, and your   new life. 

Baby Bonding & Care

Whether you're a first-time mom or have birthed before, a Doula on your side can help you bond and care for your newborn. Your baby has been through an incredible journey to make it into your arms! 

Part of the story we craft together takes place after the birth. It revolves around the new relationship you have with your little one. Your baby will experience basic care, deep listening, and a loving touch as you rest.

Sibling Support

Older brothers and sisters can be fascinated by the birth experience. Or not! An important aspect of Doula work is to provide a relationship of support for your children as you are birthing. 

Prior to labor, I can help you learn how to talk with your kids about what happens during birth. This helps them feel comfortable with the experience before, during, and after birth, whether they are in the room or not. It also sets the tone for the exciting moment when they meet their sibling for the first time!